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Meet Susie.

Susie Valentine is passionate about empowering others to realise their dreams and become the best version of themselves. She is a Theta Healing Master Instructor, a pioneer of Subconscious Mindset Coaching and a successfully fulfilled entrepreneur.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding from her successful corporate career in hospitality, real estate and investment industries. Building on her 15 years of personal development experience, she works with clients to clear fear, resistance, doubt and stress to replace it with a life of love, empowerment, fulfilment and alignment.

Meet James.

James is a professional Theta Healer® and musician based in the magical town of Glastonbury. He works with spiritual and creative people to help them open their hearts and live their dreams.

Growing up in the rolling hills of Derbyshire James was always fascinated with holistic healing, personal development, nature and spirituality and has spent many years studying the mysteries of life and practicing energy healing.

As a ThetaHealing instructor James feels blessed to be passing on the wisdom of this amazing healing modality and helping more people discover the extraordinary Love that’s already within them through ThetaHealing.

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