Heart & Soul Connection

Clearing blockages around your heart chakra will empower you to truly love yourself. In doing so, we are signalling to the universe that we are ready to attract our soul mate.


A soul mate is someone we know from another place and time. Some are compatible, but others might not. Soul mates we attract into our life often align with the level of consciousness we are currently at. When you increase your own level of consciousness, the soul mate you attract will align more with that.


During the practice session, we will ensure we empower our own souls by retrieving lost soul fragments. This enables you to increase your own vibration and be more open to forming connections through each of the different levels of love.

Theta Healing Practice Group: Event Details

Date: 25th January 2023
Time: 19:00 - 21:00 GMT (UTC)
Where: Online via Zoom (You will receive the link via email upon booking)
Prerequisites: You are a theta healing practitioner (i.e. completed Basic DNA)
Host: Susie Valentine - Master Theta Healing Instructor
Investment: £17 as one-off session or £8 for the monthly subscription*
* The subscription can be cancelled at any time


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