Attract more international clients

There are over 7.7 billion people on earth and over 60% of them have access to the internet. How many of them are in your country?

🇺🇸 American? Less than 5%
🇩🇪 German? A smidge over 1%
🇬🇧 British? A little under 1%

🇪🇺 Every other European country? Each less than 1%!

In our increasingly connected world, being able to Attract more international clients is vital to success. During this months’ Theta Healing Practice Group we’re going to:

  • Discover what beliefs may be blocking you from appealing to international clients
  • Build your confidence to work with clients from different cultures
  • Unlock your intuition to help you make the first steps in engaging clients from overseas
  • Receive insights on how to secure paying clients with ease

Common limiting beliefs and challenges that many theta healers face:

I don’t need international clients
I’m not ready to help people from a culture I’m unfamiliar with
I struggle with attracting clients from my home market
I haven’t got a website or following large enough to get clients
My English isn’t good enough to attract international clients

If any of the above resonates with you, or you simply want to grow you client base, this month’s practice group is not one to miss! The Theta Healing Practice Group is a community of theta healing practitioners who grow together. We look forward to seeing you from 7pm-9pm BST on Wednesday 27th July.

Order Summary
Theta Healing Practice Group

What is included:

  • The 'ABC' of Attracting International Clients with Susie
  • Two 40 minutes healing swaps. You will give and receive a healing
  • Energy clearance
  • Group sharing of unconditional love

Date: 27th July 2022
Time: 7pm - 9pm UK time
Where: Online via Zoom (You will receive the link via email upon booking)
Prerequisites: You are a theta healing practitioner
Host: Susie van Nieuwenburg - Master theta healer, mindset expert and theta healing instructor
Investment: £17 as one off session or £8 for the monthly subscription*
* The subscription can be cancelled at any time

Register only for this practice group without the monthly subscription.

Can't make it this month?

Register here for £17

Meet Susie

Susie combines her corporate background from the hospitality, real estate and investment industry with mindset and energy work. With this powerful combination Susie guides you to clear fear, resistance and stress and replace it for a life of love, fulfilment and alignment.

Susie is a 6 figure business woman who is passionate about empowering others to realise their dreams and become the best version of themselves.