The 4 Keys to Self Healing

The secrets to Susie’s fast growth and abundant success is undoubtedly linked to daily of self-healing. This is a powerful tool that will accelerate your progress to levels you could not perceive possible. This May, we would like to help you to become an expert self-healer.

  • Are you ever irritated, annoyed or frustrated by small things in your daily life?
  • How often do you forget to explore and resolve the root cause of these triggers?
  • Or are you uncertain how to resolve these negative emotions by yourself?

On 25th May 2022 we’re going to be sharing The 4 Keys to Self Healing. Susie will share her secrets on how to do a deep and powerful healing so that you learn how to rejuvenate yourself with a 15 minute self healing.
The Theta Healing Practice Group is a community of theta healing practitioners who meet once a month to discuss exciting topics and grow together. In this safe environment, you’ll be able to practice the technique to give you the confidence to fuel your self-healing journey. 

What is included:

  • Presentation by Susie
  • Setting the intention to attract your desired outcome
  • Self healing exercises
  • Group energy clearance

Date: 25th May 2022
Time: 7pm - 9pm BST (UK Time)
Where: Online via Zoom (You will receive the link via email upon booking)
Prerequisites: You are a theta healing practitioner
Host: Susie Valentine - Master theta healer, mindset expert and theta healing instructor
Investment: £17 as one off session or £8 for the monthly subscription*
* The subscription can be cancelled at any time

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Theta Healing Practice Group

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Meet Susie

Susie combines her corporate background from the hospitality, real estate and investment industry with mindset and energy work. With this powerful combination Susie guides you to clear fear, resistance and stress and replace it for a life of love, fulfilment and alignment.

Susie is a 6 figure business woman who is passionate about empowering others to realise their dreams and become the best version of themselves.